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Let's Go Fishin' Game

Let's Go Fishin' Game by Kiddie Corner Toys.Pressman presents the best game ever, Let's Go Fishin'!!! It's a fast action fishing game! As the board turns the fish open and close their mouth making it tricky to catch them!

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Let's Go Fishin' Game by Kiddie Corner Toys..

Object of the Game:

To catch as many fish as possible

Setting up the Game:

Place the 21 fish in each of the individual compartments. Turn the battery switch (located on top of the game base) to the “off” position. Open the battery compartment using a coin or screw driver (next to the battery switch) and insert one size “C” battery in the direction indicated inside the battery compartment. Close the battery compartment once the battery is inside.

Each player takes a fishing pole. Turn the battery switch to the “on” position; the base will start rotating.

Playing the Game:

As the game base rotates all players simultaneously try to catch as many fish as possible; one at a time.

Winning the Game:

After all the fish have been caught, each player counts the fish they caught. The player with the most fish wins.

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Let's Go Fishin' Game