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Dolls, Puppets and Plush play important roll in the child development. Because these represent living things, kids are attached more emotionally with it. Parents can use these as teaching tool. Buy buying them dolls, puppets or plush they develop being independent, improve their language skills , emotional development and getting along with others.  At kiddie Corner we carefully hand picked the best doll, puppets, plush which is safe and kids friendly. We have great selection of Disney Dolls, Shopkin Dolls, Barbie Dolls, baby dolls, dress - up dolls, Dc Comic dolls all at affordable price. 



Dolls plays an important roll in child's life. By playing with dolls child learn how to share things, different colors, body parts and more. Child also improves language skills, social-emotional skills, sharing skill and more. Kiddie Corner has great selection of Barbie dolls, Disney princess dolls, Soft dolls, Shopkin dolls, baby dolls and more . Shop with us today.


Puppet is a great educational tool for teaching your kids. Kids learn and listen more with puppets. Pick up your child's favorite puppet from kiddie corner and we are sure that your child will love it.

Plush Toys

Plush toys become newest companion to your child. Outside of the family one of the first relationship you child probably develops with stuffed animals or with plush toys. Benefits of buying stuffed or plush toys to child, its give comfort, language skills, practical social skills, emotional skills also build confidence. Kiddie Corner has a great selection of licensed plush, stuffed animals, soft toys, plush toys and more.

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